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    On Beauty and Empowerment

    “Culture does not make people. People make culture. If it is true that the full humanity of women is not our culture, then we can and must make it our culture.”  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie For those of you that do not know yet, I am currently volunteering for a social centre in Genova, working with children from six to thirteen, doing workshops and creating the space for learning, equality and inclusion. Since I have started this project, I learned what it meant to be inside of a small community, a place where we can share, learn and make mistakes while trying to actually inspire, to create, to change and exchange…

  • Food for soul

    On Words, Meaning – and Mindful Speaking

    Straight to the point It has been a while now since I have started to reflect and observe my ways of expression through words. Even in writing, I tend to simplify what I have to say, I use fewer words in order to express something ( I have become a bit bored of polemics) and at times even overthink what I am about to say – so that I eventually end up not saying it – since I feel it really doesn’t matter. In all this process, I understood that previously, I wasn’t always listening to myself when talking – and I have reached a personal conclusion – that using…

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    On Experience – and the Duty to Ourselves

    [ it has been a while since I last wrote and here is a portion of it – I have been to paradise, lived the eternity in two weeks (gotta say I was even lucky  for that!) and in all this have learned to be better at accepting the fact that moments come and go – long-awaited encounters leave you empty-handed and with a bittersweet taste in your mouth – it was yesterday when you had looked up at the sky and thanked the universe with all your heart. yet – you were aware that time has a duty – it goes fast when you don’t pay too much attention…

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    On Disquiet – and Feeling Alive?

      Any of you heard of ‘The Book of Disquiet’ by Fernando Pesso? A very much acclaimed modernist book (am not going to say the contrary – it is a masterpiece!). So far, for what I have read, I guess it mirrors a lack of spirit in this modern world, a lack of identity and a sense of purpose which I will comment on a bit. It is basically the last book I have tried to read and simply couldn’t finish it. (maybe later?) I guess the thing that stroke me was the fact that there were many passages where the author would express a deep sense of futility,  lack…

  • Food for soul

    On Creativity – and Living Your Dream

      For some time now I have been trying to ‘cook’ an article in my head however it did not want to come into form. Not that I did not find a topic nor that I could not put my thoughts together – but because it was not yet time. As a really great woman I have met put it – ‘ you need to nurture in order to create’. Creation needs food. So I have decided to let my imagination and my thoughts play a little. Maybe this article is for you, or maybe you have surpassed these moments. Either way, it is a good time to remind you…

  • Social Activism

    Prendersi per mano – riflessioni sul significato dell’essere umano

    Oggi volevo riflettere su che cosa ci fa pensare la parola umano? In questo mondo veloce dove viviamo, sembra che la parola ha perso significato per quanto dalla mattina fino alla sera le notizie abbondano di atti inumani – niente di nuovo, direi. Vero. Sfortunatamente, niente di nuovo. La indifferenza pero, il fatto che abbiamo la impressione che non possiamo cambiare nulla perché siamo troppo piccoli per farlo. Ecco questo e il risultato della globalizzazione. Comunque, uno quando vede questo succedere ogni giorno, finisce ad accettarlo…quando uno chiude gli occhi a quello che succede intorno, ammettere, senza resistere, si ritrova credere senza avere nessuna idea pratica di quello che implica, arriva…

  • Social Activism

    joining hands – reflection on being a human

    Today I want to reflect a bit on what does the word human makes us think of? In this fast world that we are living in, it feels like the word has lost its meaning as from morning to evening  – the news abounds with inhuman acts – nothing new you would say. True. Nothing new, unfortunately. Indifference though, the fact that we have this impression that we cannot change the things which concern us because we are too small to do it – is the result of this globalised world. However, when you see this in your day to day life and you end up accepting it…when you turn…

  • Social Activism

    building bridges – the politics of innocence

    almost three months have passed since I am in Italy and time certainly went by very fast. one of the main reasons why this is so could be the fact that life here is very frenzy – there are lots to do, as Genova is a very active city, culturally and socially speaking. It has been a time fruitfully spent with the children at the centre where I am volunteering (with Ce.Sto, one of those organisations that every community should have for a better inclusion and social cohesion). Every day is different. Every day I engage more and I feel I create new knots and decipher new codes of their…

  • Food for soul

    by the rough shores

    She walks on narrow streets Roaming with people Everything seems so empty In this floating city… Empty eyes, burned cheekbones Wild looks and languages That are strangled by expired words Which are out of hope. By the rough shores The waves still speak though They speak of unfamiliar poems Dialects that were put to die and Dreams that were not even born. Rough and surreal Untold stories are dancing in the abys Waiting to be heard… But one day, carried by the wind They will rise and they will Create a new sky Filled with sunshine and blue… A glowy sea At the shores of a lighthouse Called love.

  • Yoga

    The First Step is The Challenge – Discovering Vipassana

    Sun is shining and while the thermometer shows 28 degrees (again – always!:)) I am sipping from my coffee and scrolling on my facebook page. In so doing I saw a quote from two years ago –  ‘Although the road is never ending, take a step and keep walking, do not look fearfully into the distance. on this path let the heart be your guide for your body is hesitant and full of fear.’ I immediately made the connection – I wrote it just before I went on to do the Vipassana retreat in Dehradun, India – the first time that I have been in a retreat and of course,…