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Keep on Walking – Or the Power of the First Step

(long time since I wrote my last article – however, gotta say I am enjoying my last days in Italy and even if it sounds like an excuse, I know that once I will internalize everything, it will come out in a big fat boom of an article :D)

We all have good days and bad days – sunny/ grey, joyous/gloomy – right? Good days become better and bad days turn out amazing when we actually get out there and explore, show up. Now, this particular one was sunny- even more than normal. I was sitting in front of the sea, with a friend, both waiting for these overpriced expressos – still, enjoying the shade – and thinking …how lucky we are that at least we don’t have to pay for the view!

The sun was up and no clouds were disturbing its majesty (!) The beach was vibrating with colours and people from everywhere looking for a tan, for their kids to have fun or simply to get some peace of mind. Liguria is a real beauty. A part of Italy that unfortunately is a bit undervalued, however, its long coast, rocky beaches, turquoise water and stunning colourful houses (check out the pictures) – not to mention exquisite cuisine will leave you impressed. Hence, if you are willing to explore, do some trekking and take a bath in these waters, I definitely recommend this route.

This morning, we took the train from Genova to Santa Margherita Ligure, alongside Portofino National Park, walked from there around two hours and we were now in the middle of our way, in San Fruttuoso. We decided to have a short tapas for lunch and a well-deserved, vigorous bath. After that, a well-deserved coffee and we would be on the go for the most difficult part – up to Camogli. ( A good way to go as this time you have some time to rest in the midway and that definitely helps a lot during the hot summer days!)

With the sun and all, I have to say that five hours of walking was a challenge – we still did it and in the end, we felt more than fantastic. Probably due to my East European origins – and the fact that I have a weak heart could add to that – I can admit I am not a keen fan of the heat, especially with such high levels of humidity – and I only go out if I must. But I guess that I had a lot of energy to release so 30 degrees were not that bad after all.

Of course, I am a big fan of walking in nature. I rediscovered the easiest way there is to reflect and forget at the same time, of being in nature and with yourself. I never thought of walking in such philosophical terms, but I guess it does – it has a certain philosophy. It also gives you that peace of mind, that rush of adrenaline all at the same time. There, with the trees, the sea breeze all surrounding you, while you try to catch your breath and feel your heart pumping in your head, it is there that you feel this strong urge to scream of happiness – your body feels independent and uncontrollable – your feet don’t seem to listen and all around you is connected so beautifully.

If you think about it, this is life. You choose the direction and with every step that you take, you dwell on the next and next, and the next – that eventually you reach the destination. For every step is a step into the unknown – you jump from one rock to the other, from one doubt to another, hoping that you won’t fall, hoping that you will remain standing. From ups and downs, from shade to sun and from thirst to quenching it – it is all a continuous change, of trust and to a deeper sense, of faith that eventually it will turn out well.

Then again, we mustn’t forget to respect and learn from nature – we have all the answers we need if we know how to listen, if we give ourselves that chance and if we quiet our chatter in our minds. It is really that simple.


Even that overpriced coffee, in the end, was worth its money, because of the view, because of the breeze under the shade and mostly because of a sacket of sugar that I found on the table that had the following message on it :

‘being pleased doesn’t mean to give up but to enjoy even the small things’

*(following article – On cycles, beginnings and endings!)

I am a spiritual nomad looking for trouble! I love travelling, writing is my favourite form of expression and I will never say no to coffee! I dedicate my free time in practicing yoga and meditation as well as learning more about transformative education and development. I also love dancing and I could talk forever about love. :)

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