together we can be stronger!

A couple of days back I met a beautiful soul, a woman who, just as me, works in Verbier for the winter season. We didn’t know each other but just from a post I wrote on Facebook, we connected and decided to meet. Together went for a photo shooting ( we both need a photographer and exchanged the service) as well shared some of our passions, fears and dreams. We talked about yoga, traveling, and women circles.

The whole thing has done miracles to my state of mind. It brought me back to all those sisters I have met during my travels and suddenly I felt a bit melancholic. I realised that I missed my ´tribe´ a lot – likeminded women, with that passion for healing, for soul-searching, nature and beauty. I felt that urge for sharing, hence I decided to start doing something about it.

That is why I decided to create a mini online community where we can share our stories, where we can inspire, empower and connect with like-minded Women. To realise that we are just enough the way we are, that each of us has her gifts to share with the world and really, if sometimes we forget, to remember that we are supported. To remember that we can create the context to be seen, met and accepted.

Hence, I will continue with a couple of posts, in the form of interviews, with some of the women I know that inspire me and I feel will inspire you too. Follow me and let’s see where it leads! Let’s share and maybe discover ourselves a bit more.

Oh, and by the way, what is your mission?

I am a spiritual nomad looking for trouble! I love travelling, writing is my favourite form of expression and I will never say no to coffee! I dedicate my free time in practicing yoga and meditation as well as learning more about transformative education and development. I also love dancing and I could talk forever about love. :)


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