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Good Bye 2020!

‘You should be aware of the difference between the cessation of struggle and the end of suffering. It is suffering that we transcend, not struggle. We need struggle. Struggle defines us, sharpens us, hones us. Even the most illuminated beings struggle, but they do not suffer as they struggle. Struggle is their joy because they know it is testing them, polishing them and refining their awareness.’

Excerpt from The 64 Ways

What a year 2020 was! I am sure that many of you reading this post will agree that we really haven’t experienced such an eventful, demanding yet inspiring year- ever in our lives.

It was a tough one – and however challenging – we learned how to handle it on the go, with the instruments we had or maybe lacked – but creatively built them up – and learned how to be resilient.

Above all, to practically understand how important, decisive the community is. Being TOGETHER, there for each other, even if ‘there’ was a voice on the phone.

Let u be frank – 2020 was not a kind year. It made history because of its unpredictability, the fear, the lack of control, the loss – and I could go on with the list.

All these meant a big CHANGE but let us keep in mind that it was also a great moment of transition, for humanity as a whole, a rise in consciousness, a change in the way we see life. The process was and it is still though – yet we should always remember that it is for our betterment.

Probably the most important lesson to take with us in the new year is RESPECT for NATURE. Much has been said about respect and consideration for the environment in terms of the global warming issue- and, whether we took it superficially or not, COVID-19 practically brought us face to face with the ugly truth.

It drew a limiting line and gave voice to the voiceless. That we should respect the environment and its living creatures, be wise when interfering with them.

We should know by now that nature was here before us and we cannot risk jeopardizing our immediate well-being because of greed, self-interests, commercialism, money, and power.

Human activities – including deforestation, polluting agriculture and poor management undermines the ecosystem – and it is not late to find out that we depend on it- it supports us so we should protect it as well.

Talking about interests, real interests! My biggest lesson this year was that we are all a product of choice and I found I should do more to sustain the environment, getting involved more, increase public awareness in the best way I can. I take this intention with me in the next year and so should you – after all, this earth is our home.

2020 was also a time to reflect and do some refurbishments in terms of the universe within. Inevitably, l had more time to befriend me and be more aware of the limitations and attachments to certain habits or programs in my mind; face the reality as it is. Above all, it prepared me to SURRENDER all plans and ideas of who I can or cannot be, what I thought I need or know. It toughened me up and allowed me to find the power within.

Summing up the ups and downs, let us look to the future, and let us make a wise selection of what we want to bring or not to the new year – 2021. What I deeply wish you, dear friend is to have the clarity to see the good and the ugly but still focus on the good. As the quote says – the struggle should be there – it builds us up – however in the long term, the attitude we have towards it is what has the power to raise or to bring us down.

Let compassion, gratefulness, and love be our guides in tackling this following year – however challenging it may be. Let us find ways to be there for each other, be an inspiration and spread that inner light wherever we go. ‘For what use is to bemoan the absence of day, even on the longest night, when you know in every moment, dawn is ever closer to breaking once again? Your hope then is not foolish, but wise’.

Happy New Year!

I am a spiritual nomad looking for trouble! I love travelling, writing is my favourite form of expression and I will never say no to coffee! I dedicate my free time in practicing yoga and meditation as well as learning more about transformative education and development. I also love dancing and I could talk forever about love. :)

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