Authenticity – inside out with Desiree

I met Desiree a couple of years ago, in Romania, at a Vipassana silent retreat. We were both serving at the course, along with other beautiful souls, and in the tiny gaps when we had the chance, we would always try to drop a story, a lesson, something inspiring. *the perks of being a server haha*

And what a joyful experience that was! We connected right away. Although we haven’t met since, we kept in touch, more in spirit than in writing – something that happens only with those kind of people that are so close to you in terms of passions of the heart. You don’t need to talk much, you just have to feel- and realise that the connection is the same. More than anything, the same everlasting hunger for experience and self-exploration unites us still.

The fact that Desiree is an inspiration for me is the reason why I invited her for this interview- she has travelled extensively, worked different jobs, wrote a book and now she is living the dream – she is settled in Ubud, Bali, where she shares all her passion and joy for yoga, healing and self-knowledge. Not long ago, I joined her for a really empowering, eye-opening workshop, called – ‘Release your fury’, that I would strongly recommend to anyone. Because there is no human that is spared of emotions, and because there is a huge lack in education and knowledge on how to deal with them, especially with the less pleasant ones. You can find more info about Desiree and also get in touch here.

I was born in Iasi but I live all over the world. I wrote for National Geographic Traveler, Culture Supplement, red, In 2016 I published a volume on India - ´The space between cloud- backpacking through India´ (Polirom). I lead a nomadic life and collect stories on India, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Jordan, Togo, Turkey, Greece, Transnistria, Moldova and Fidel´s Cuba.

I’m in a constant soul searching journey since I can remember. Since two years I landed back
to Bali in Ubud and my soul felt content to stay here. I teach yoga in Embodied Flow style,
meditation, pranayama and emotional release techniques online to romanian audience (thank
you for also being part of this community!)

first contact with yoga- when, where and how. 

It was back in 2017 when upon returning to live in Auroville in south India I realised my whole body was aching. Behind my japanise house that I was living in at that time, there was a small yoga studio offering Iyengar classes. Jumped in, barely understood what the teacher was saying as she was using a lot of Sanskrit (blessed be thy name) slang, barely breathed through challenging postures – it was an all levels class but after all that sweat and confusion took a long rest in Savasana and my life has never been the same. I am practicing yoga on a no exception daily basis and it never ceases to surprise me. My body feels younger, more energetic than in my 20s (I’m now in my mid 30s|) and the flexibility and that sense of being deeply grounded and centerred in my own being is priceless

short moment of reflection-  a challenging, key moment or maybe a crisis that is linked with the start of your practice

The above story belonges to a larger picture related to my health when, about 7 years ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition. Since then my lifestyle drastically changed and I became more mindful about what goes into my body, my mind and my spirit. I have traveled extensively around the world, from Africa to Cuba, from India to Sumatra, from Nepal to Myanmar to find the best healers, bodyworkers, naturopats, therapists and ancient healing practitioners in order to go to the root cause of my dis-ease. See that word? Disease can be pronounced like that dis-ease, meaning the lack of ease. All of my life’s work revolves around finding ease into the body and releasing stuck emotions around our personal history. 

magic pill- what is that instrument which helps you most in stressful times?

Breath. Without a single doubt – conscious breath through pranayama techniques is my magic pill, my personal, unlimited drug that I go to on a daily basis.

Who is that one figure, that mentor that you mostly connect with? ( can be anything- human, non human, object or element of nature)

I would have to say that simply is my innermost Self. That part of me that is timeless, boudless, always present. It’s the awareness that all exists only in the present moment. I find tremendous peace in that.

what brings you on your mat every day? what is your routine?

My dear body temple. Caring for it as my home. Sweaping the dust, cleaning the windows, cleaning what is no longer needed and bringing in fresh air. I usually wake up, meditate, breathe and do a 20 sometimes 45 or 60 min vinyasa yoga. But I adapt according to my cyclical nature. So before menstruation I engage in a more restorative practice or yin. I drink about 1 l of warm water with limes and have a light smoothie with in season fruts and supliments. Then I’m ready to start my day!

what does yoga mean to you, how does it impact your life?

I walk the walk, I do the talk. I absolutely practice what I preach so what I am experimenting on the mat I teach to my students and yoga becomes that – an authentic life inside out.

some wise words for those that are at the beginning- students and teachers. 

Compasion. Add it to your practice, will do wonders!

I am a spiritual nomad looking for trouble! I love travelling, writing is my favourite form of expression and I will never say no to coffee! I dedicate my free time in practicing yoga and meditation as well as learning more about transformative education and development. I also love dancing and I could talk forever about love. :)

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