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Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

I am a spiritual person and I have always been keen in discovering new ways of unraveling myself – of finding who I really am. Everything that surround us represents something we could connect with- something we could experience and learn from. And it is through experience that I think that we all want the same in life. Love, peace and joy. However, while we’re all part of this dance of humanity, very few understand and even less know it.

Thing is, what we sometimes forget is that we aren’t here to compete, we are here to collaborate, to learn from each other, to encourage and support each other’s growth. The whole idea of growth – outwardly  and inwardly – is merely related to connection with others and with your own self. And how do we better connect than when we’re traveling? It is then when we’re out of the comfort zone, out in the open, vulnerable and authentic, with no masks and no roles to play.

The unknown always excited me and I’ve always had a predilection to surpass my limits, to reach for more and for the unusual. Traveling for me is almost like a condition, a disease that helps me hope and want to be better each day. Seven years of traveling and still I haven’t found peace ( far from it)! It’s going to last for life this sickness of mine.

Now you might be one of those that say – you don’t have to travel to know yourself. Silence, introspection and maybe a bit of discipline can do the trick even at home – but as for what I am concerned, it is the best way to befriend, embrace and forgive yourself.

You need to lose yourself so that you find who you truly are. And how can you love yourself properly if you have a job that keeps you in distress 5 days out of 7 or if you have to constantly think about paying your bills and pleasing others. Been there, done that! I never had time for myself. Eventually, I kind of wanted to lose myself even more, ironically to forget that I am not who I wanted to be but what society made out of me. A comfortable, predictable and average life.

The outcome is that we forgot to search for the mystery, for the unknown, for the beauty that always lies in the small details – we forgot to live in the present. To be grateful. To say I am sorry. To give before asking. We forgot we have a mission. To be true to our own selves and how can we be true to ourselves if we have no clue who we are or what do we want from life?

Who are you? Do you still see that innocent child that lies within! Do you still listen to his voice and fears and needs? Being innocent means not only being vulnerable but also implies great honesty and conviction. I have a goal, a place to reach, a mountain to climb or a sea to cross. Then from the moment I set foot for this purpose ’till I arrive it’s magic.

People, places, tastes, smells, novelty and change, sacrifices and desperation, innocence- it’s basically going nuts and coming back all zen at the same time. It’s an art to control them both and have a balance.

It’s the intensity of life that always makes me wanna hit the road again. The fact that today I can be sitting in a restaurant, reading a newspaper in Bucharest and the following day I am in the southernmost part in India, drinking masala tea with a stranger that I feel I know for ages.

Now I do understand we’re not all the same- we weren’t all born to travel.
Fair enough. Imagine how would that look like? Crazy stuff! What I am saying is that there still should be a form of search, a wonder and a thirst  for fulfillment- and this is me reminding you to start now. To live fully, consciously, to be present. To smile at life and be grateful for its harmony. Last but not lest, to love. We attract what we are. Be love and you’ll get love back. Give and you’ll receive.

Never forget about yourself. You are unique- limited edition- so don’t listen to what others expect you to be. Just be the person you wanted to be when you were a kid. Be happy with yourself and you’ll make a friend for life. Be your partner not your enemy. From now on- you are in control.

I am a spiritual nomad looking for trouble! I love travelling, writing is my favourite form of expression and I will never say no to coffee! I dedicate my free time in practicing yoga and meditation as well as learning more about transformative education and development. I also love dancing and I could talk forever about love. :)

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