About Me

Finding balance and learning to smile even with the imbalance as well. Life is a continuous proof that change is the only thing that’s constant.



My name is Alexandra, and I am a Romanian-born child of Mother Earth. 

My story starts when I left my home country to embark on an unforgettable adventure. Jaw-dropping sunsets, back to back countries, exploring the corners of the world   – on board cruise ships. 

This nomadic life became a calling, and when I wasn’t at sea, I would follow my heart and go to those places I have since always wanted to delve more into – Peru, Bolivia, India, Egypt, Iran and Lebanon. I was an active participant as I was volunteering, doing internships and what I loved most – work with disadvantaged people, discovering new possibilities to bring a change.

In this process, I got to experience that which is called the dark night of the soul – I was in-between two worlds – that of the rich, of the luxury and confort – on the ships, and that of the poor, of the forgotten, filled with injustice. While the job was paying for my travelling and allowed me to further be part of projects that I felt so drawn to, I soon understood that at heart, I was a social activist. 

Meanwhile, at work, my contracts would stretch on seven to eight months of continuous work. I was constantly suppressing my emotions, and working day in day out became a routine that was less than organic. Thinking back, I don’t know how I did it. It got me to a rhythm that was so accelerated that we called a day a ‘3 in 1’ – like the coffee. I barely had time for myself, the 10 min meditation in the morning was my highlight of the day, my one and only moment. Because when off, you would prefer to sleep. And sleeping became one of my hobbies.  I continued to roll the same model while on land, in this thirst for experiences and of giving back.

Just that, after so much of adrenaline, of hard work, of constant do while on the ship, my body would start to send me signals. All the stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, poor diet, drinking and smoking on an almost daily basis, led to a burnout that would culminate with bursts of tears or panic attacks – my body was in rage as I was so oblivious to all its needs.

In India,  I have finally made peace with myself. It was there, during the ten day Vipassana -course in Dehradun, that I allowed myself to just be, in silence and in communion to what my body felt, where I sat more than 10 minutes on the cushion (and yes, almost 12h a day was a bit of an extreme:), where I ate nourishing food and rediscovered how it was to just do nothing. Something I was not very comfortable to do. Then and there, I had a huge ‘aha’ moment, and I knew that I have found my path. That my body was shouting for more.

The TT200hrs Kundalini Yoga Training, after a month- was what came natural after my first and true encounter with meditation. It felt again as more than a blessing, but rather a recognition. My body was lighter, more flexible, I felt energised where I wasn’t even eating much and my mind? Those rushes of thoughts, of what if’s, of must do’s, of all the things I could have done different – have finally slowed down – and now there was more silence.  I have built a more solid ground for what was to come, and absorbed all the information, the teachings and the insights, with the promise that this will be continued. 

Six years later, I am writing this at a candle light, on my watercolored yoga mat – I feel so much gratitude for all this journey of becoming. That base that was placed in India, has been growing, and I am now able to stand tall, open my heart and do my part – give back. In this time, I lived with intention, I practiced gratefulness and made of silence a habitual practice. I continued to practice yoga with teachers from around the world, continued taking one silent Vipassana retreat/ year, danced, worked with my femininity, my inner child,  wrote and nourished all that I am in this life. It wasn’t smooth, it never is. But it helped me own it. Most of all, I learned to put myself first.

My mission here is to create space for you to self-explore. So that you can get to know your own superpower, your own creative spark. To see behind the roles and the importance we give to material aspects of life. To guide you remember to connect with your mind and body. To celebrate it. Remember, your body is your temple. 

As Gabriella Roth so wisely says –

‘There is a dance only you can do, that exists only in you, here and now, always changing, always true. Are you willing to listen with fascination? If you are, it will deliver you unto the self you have always dreamed you could be. This is a promise.’