About Me

                    HELLO WORLD!

I am Alex, I am a Romanian nomad looking for trouble. After working for a couple of years in the cruising industry, after waking up every day in a different country,  seeing all those unforgettable sunsets, working with people from all over the world – decided to explore the world at my own pace.

Although, have to admit that in between I  managed to take some sabbatical breaks  – when I extensively travelled and fell in love with Peru, Bolivia, India, Egypt, Iran and Lebanon. 

That is how I taught English at a school and centre in Arequipa, Peru, I got certified in Kundalini Yoga in India, taught phonics at a kindergarten in Egypt and volunteered for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. All these experiences and not only – made me who I am today and I cannot express my gratitude for each and every moment – whether tough or easy. I learned to stay strong and to see beyond it. To understand that nothing is permanent and we are in a continuous change.

And no! The story is not yet over! As I am currently in Italy, in Genova, and so grateful for the beauty this country has to offer. Here I am volunteering with some charming children from all over the world! This has been a curious time for me, as I have learned, and still learn a lot about my limitations, about some of my hidden talents and of course – a good time for me to ground and wonder where to go next. 

So – then let’s get it on! Join me in my self-discovery and thirst of adventure. Feel free to follow my posts and be wondered! Feel free to search for your soul’s calling!

Love and joy,