About Me

Hi there! I am Alex, a crazy Romanian girl that has been wandering around for the past seven years. This is my story and the place that I chose to share it with you all – and it goes like this…

Being a nomad was always something that I identified with – a lot. It was more about how to make that  happen that I had troubles with. And so, if you would have told me that after I will be done with the university ( nothing to do with tourism – I assure you) I will be offered to work on a cruise ship ( basically to organise yours) – I would have burst into a hysterical laugh. I did not have any experience and I knew so so little about it that when I passed the interviews  and I was told I would embark in few weeks I still believed it was a joke. Quite a good one heheh…

In fact – if you want me to be honest, it was when I was in front of this huge, intimidating cruise ship ( peopled by around 5000) – was the moment when it hit me – my dream has come true! I will finally be able to travel as I always wanted – and get paid for it which was even better, right?

So there I was – one contract after the other – that in the end I went around the world and saw places that I would have not even dared to dream seeing. Waking up every day in a different country,  seeing all those unforgettable sunsets, working with people from all over the world and the good  salary – paid off for the long hard work and no days off.

And so it was that I concluded six contracts – however managed to take some sabbatical breaks in between – when I extensively traveled and fell in love with Peru, India, Egypt, Iran and Lebanon. Well these sabbatical breaks had not that much of a leisurely character – as  I was constantly getting into – some trouble of course! 😛

That is how I taught English at a school and center in Arequipa, Peru, I got certified in Kundalini Yoga in India, taught phonics at a kindergarten in Egypt and volunteered for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. All these experiences and not only – made me who I am today and I cannot express my gratitude for each and every moment – whether was it taught orbeirouth easy. I learned to stay strong and to see beyond it. To understand that nothing is permanent and we are in a continuous change.

And no! The story is not yet over! I am ready for more however,  for now I am trying to center myself a bit while at home, and get ready for my next project – in Italy. The best moment to ‘reinvent’ my blog and share this all with you.

As for my next posts, I will try to color the best I can the places that inspired me to go back to and of course, tips to actually sustain yourself while there. While volunteering is somehow seen by many inaccessible or non realistic – it actually opens up many doors and opportunities.

So – then let’s get it on! Feel free to follow my posts and be wondered! Feel free to search for your soul’s calling!

Love and joy,